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Hello World.  It has been a while.  I have been, not very productive.  My hibernation period is ending and its time to get back to being productive and proactive.  So my first post in along time comes is about tablets.  iPad vs the Surface RT/PRO


iPad 3 – great.

Surface RT – a gimmick.

Surface PRO – a laptop.

iPad Air – greater.


I made a commitment to give the Surface RT a fair shake.  I tried it out for about 6 months, and will have to let you know that it sucks.  The Pro is a different subject matter altogether.  Here is the one issue with the Pro – its not a fucking tablet.


I had the iPad 3 and it was, well perfect.  I did not know this at the time.  I wanted more out of the tablet form factor.  I don’t know what, but I had felt something was missing.  I finally broke down and bought one when the resolution was high enough.  I enjoyed reading on the kindle app.  I love magazines on the iPad and that university app is fucking amazing.  But for some reason, I wanted office and excel and an editor and free red bull.  I did not realize that all I wanted was to consume entertaining and educational content.


The Surface RT comes out adding a cool keyboard and office.  I was thinking this was the next step in tablet form factor.  I bought in early.  I committed to the Surface RT by gifting my iPad to my brother.  I regretted the move often.  While the office is nice, works and does what it does, the desktop is not really practical on the RT.   The desktop experience on a tablet is just abysmal.  The lack of resolution on the RT was just inexcusable.  They fixed that in Surface 2, but I am not buying into that piss poor desktop experience.


The Pro is awesome.  And can be used as a tablet.  But the best thing about it is the improved portability and power of a laptop.  You need to dock it and use it as a laptop.  Likes its impotent little brother, the desktop experience sucks when you are on the go.


I can buy books from my Surface RT kindle application.  That is the only good thing I can say about that application.  The kindle experience on the iPad was smooth and amazing.  This makes the kindle app on the surface feel like pulling teeth.  This is not a Microsoft issue, but a demand issue.  The demand for a quality Surface RT/Pro metro what ever the fuck you call it app is just not high enough for amazon to give two shits about making it better.


The one thing the Surface does right – storage.  On the Surface you can add memory, USB drives and can mount network storage.  This is nice.  If only the Surface had a better reading app.


I will be selling my Surface RT for next to nothing.  I will keep the Pro for my portable Windows 8 Laptop.  I will stop wanting and expecting more from a tablet.  I just want to consume entertaining and educational content.

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