New Softball Bat – Nike Aero Show


A high end bat is around $300.00. Easton Row Power B3.0 is a good example of a $300.00 bat. Sorry, I don’t play enough softball to make such an investment. I am okay pulling my money with the team to invest in a team bat, but not to individually buy one.

A low end bat like the Easton SK5 Hammer that you can get a Walmart is around $25.00. I had purchased a low end bat about 5 years ago and had been using it in league play. After a year, I was constantly borrowing someone else’s bat.

I wanted to find a solid bat that will hold up to time. One that won’t kill the wallet, but can carry the yard. I settled on a mid-range bat. I dropped a touch under $90.00 for the Nike Aero Show III.


That’s right, we talkin bout practice.

The bat has a nice feel and good balance to it. It is easy to swing and boy do I get around on it fast. I have not tried it out in a game. I have been to the batting cage and have hit about a 100 balls with it. The bat carries a nice pop and really drives the ball hard. However, you have to hit it. Contact without following through will not drive the ball like a high end bat can and does. Talking about driving the ball. Pitchers may want to invest in some head gear, because if I hold up on the ball, follow through in line – I might take a pitchers head off with this thing.


The top of the grip is held by some tape that is already coming loose. I would not expect something like that to happen in a week. However – it has remained in the trunk of my car. So the Charleston heat and humidity may have had an impact.

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