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I was working on a trigger that would send an email. I also felt that this would make an interesting blog topic. Then I decided I would start with setting up Database Mail. Because I had fielded a couple of calls from friends and colleagues that had some questions regarding Database Mail. Then I realized that this has enough screen shoots and is already getting to long. So we are not going to discuss triggers yet, but setting up Database Mail. Specifically through the wizard. I will cover an alternative method later.

Microsoft does not enable database mail by default. Database Mail is used to send email messages to users. The messages can contain query results, network resources or just text. Database Mail is a reliable email solution.

Using the Wizard

  1. Stop SQL Server Agent
  2. Expand Management Folder
  3. Right click Database Mail
  4. Select Configure Database Mail


This will start the Database mail Configuration Wizard.

We want to set up to set up the Database Mail so select the first option. The first thing we do is create a profile and then add an email address to the profile.

I simply have a generic “NewProfile” name with a generic description. You may want to have separate profiles for various tasks. Here I am just setting up a generic one. You will have to add Mail Account(s) in order to continue.

Here you can use a SMTP service with basic authentication if you desire. No, I don’t have my email running on localhost. You can also add a reply to address.

Once you have the SMTP account added you move on to define managing profile security. I tend to avoid using public profiles – just paranoid.

Now you define you configure the system parameters.

The wizard will provide you a basic recap of your settings before it implements your changes.

Once you click on finish you get the cool success page.

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