Consolidated Algorithms

I started putting up a couple of projects on github that went over some different algorithms for stuff like Variance and Standard Deviation. It’s just something I want to do. I really did not like having the two projects out there however.

So, I decided to consolidate them under one solution.

This initial commits are kind of chaotic, but I really don’t care.

The new solution does contain many projects. Here is how I have the breakdown now.

  1. Blank solution that will contain the sub projects.
  2. Each algorithm will be in its own class library.
    1. Standard Deviation will actually reference the Variance library.
  3. The Access project will work as a wrapper for the separate class libraries.
  4. The Console project will display the actual results of the executed algorithm.

You simple define the startup project as the Console project and you should be good to go. Anyone following the other projects should move over to this (Eric.)

Now check out the new project on Github.

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