Book Review – Inferno

Inferno – A twisted mess

Dan Brown, the author of the Da Vinci Code, writes another Robert Langdon novel that twists and turns worse than an unsettled child. The book was a long time coming for Dan Brown fans

This story starts with Robert Langdon waking up with amnesia and attempting to piece together what happened.  He shows his determination as his situation turns dire. My first issue is with using the same character – Robert Langdon. Not necessary a Dan Brown I am just tired of all this stuff happening to the same guy. I can see using the same character in supporting roles.

Now the first 3/4ths of this book was awesome I would give it a 8.5 out of 10. It was entertaining and encouraging. Then the twists came and while generically unbelievable, it did not bother me. Then the “one more issue” started to pile on; I was hoping to just finish the book. The book is about 10 chapters too long. The continued one more thing lead me to want to skip paragraphs. This book did not leave me wanting more, it left me thinking about damn time it ended.

Other notes: Specifically calling out the model and type of an encrypted phone is dating the book for people that will understand the reference. Also, if you are using an “untraceable” router, do you _really_ need to use 4 of them – I hate how technology gets abused in books and especially movies. Dan does draw some good scenery and pulls you into the atmosphere. Simple lines like “vanilla scented candles and old carpeting” brings up memories that I can relate to. The proper use of Geometric Progression was welcoming. I also enjoyed some lines like “Compassion is the universal language.”

But thanks to the last ¼ of the book, my overall rating is a 5.5 out of 10.

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