Book Review – Foundation

Foundation Novels by Asimov are awesome. I would place these books in the realm of required reading, such as the godfather (one and two) are required watching. The great part about the first three books in this series is that they have great character development, while the science fiction is clearly evident in the books, it is remarkable how the story line, while based on technology has a more psychological impact. This book plays off of the mathematical model “the law of mass action” and applies it to the psychology populations. This new psychology, coined psychohistory in the book, is used to make general prediction that the current age of enlightenment will end and bring about a long and deadly time period. This story is how a scientist sets out to greatly reduce the dark and turbulent times ahead.

This is such a classic, I really would be surprised if a lot of people where not familiar with these books. I give them a 7 out of 10.

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