Book Review – CyberStorm

CyberStorm – A good read.

CyberStorm is written by Mathew Mather. Mathew takes a fresh spin on a cyber-attack in his best-selling book CyberStorm.

The story follows around what is made out to be an average Joe – named Mike. The story starts by establishing characters from all walks of life that live in a nice area, enjoying the nice life. We begin to notice that life is not perfect in Mike’s world, dealing with marriage, parenthood and jealousy. A cyber attach has shut down FedEx and UPS’s logistics technology. Then the power then Mother Nature rears its ugly head.

The waterfall approach is really entertaining. Seeing how Mike and friends adjust to new opportunities was great. However, the water just keeps pouring and pouring and pouring. After a while you stop caring about what happens to Mike and friends and try to get to how the situations evolve or dissolve. Entertaining book, that is about 3 – 4 chapters too long in the middle.

The climax, while a long time coming, does not disappoint.

Overall I would recommend this book as a good read. 6 out of 10.



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